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Costa Rica  -  El Salvador  -  Nicaragua  -  Panama


Invictus surf trips are like no other. We supply the boat and expertise and you choose your group and your destination.


First, choose between Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, or . Many spots in Costa Rica you may recognize from the iconic film, endless summer, which include Witches Rock also known as Roca Bruja, Olies point, and Playa Negra. Nicaragua is well known for a black break wave can deliver huge tube rides called Colorados. El Salvador might have the highest concentration of advance waves, due to the rocky bottom shores most of the beaches can hold big swells superbly. It's no wonder ISA hosted 2024 olympic qualifiers in El Salvador's very own 'Surf City.'

"Our goal is to exceed your expectations, find you the best waves, and to ensure your fun and safety on the water."

About Surf Destinations

Adventure Awaits

About El Salvador Surf

Catch the perfect wave in El Salvador, a surfer's paradise with consistent swells and year-round surf. Immerse yourself in the vibrant surf culture and warm waters of the Pacific coast. From legendary point breaks to hidden gems, El Salvador offers a variety of surf spots to satisfy all levels of expertise. Discover the thrill of surfing in El Salvador, an unforgettable destination for every wave-loving soul.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

About Nicaragua Surf

Surf the undiscovered gem of Nicaragua, where unspoiled beaches and epic waves beckon. Experience the thrill of surfing in a less-crowded, laid-back setting, surrounded by stunning Pacific coastline. From renowned breaks to hidden surf spots, Nicaragua offers diverse options for surfers of all levels. Come explore the surf haven of Nicaragua and embark on a memorable surf adventure in this Central American paradise.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

About Costa Rica Surf

Experience world-class surf in Costa Rica, where pristine beaches and consistent waves await. Discover an array of surf spots catering to all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle as you ride the perfect waves amidst breathtaking natural beauty. With warm water and a tropical climate, Costa Rica offers an unforgettable surf adventure for every wave enthusiast. Plan your surf trip now and immerse yourself in the ultimate surf paradise of Costa Rica!

Image by Marvin Meyer
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